Notary services in Honduras are provided by attorneys specially certified by the Supreme Court who are in good standing and prove to have a deep knowledge of the Law. Such notaries can give faith and authenticate acts and contracts signed in Honduras or abroad if their effect takes place is in Honduran territory.

K&M Abogados has notary publics in Honduras and the State of Florida, United States of America, who may authorize the creation, transmission, modification, extinction or resolution of acts, contracts and non-contentious matters of diverse nature.

For Honduran citizens living and working in Florida U.S.A., as well as for US Corporations with interests in Honduras, we provide an added value because no Apostille of documents, nor translations, nor further consular authentication or fees are required for the validity of the notarized documents. To make an appointment with our Notary in Florida, click here or call +1 …(hablamos español).

Some of the non-contentious issues we regularly do for our clients include:

  1. Constitution and incorporation of businesses.
  2. Powers of Attorney.
  3. Authentication of copies and signatures.
  4. Sales and Lease contracts of property in Honduras
  5. Civil and Commercial contracts.
  6. Wills and trusts.
  7. Civil Marriage valid in Honduras.
  8. Ad-perpetuam
  9. Cease of community.
  10. Conciliation and Arbitration.
  11. Correction of Civil Records.
  12. Definition of property lines.
  13. Divorce by mutual consent.
  14. Execution of guarantees in secured transactions.
  15. Family estates.
  16. Issuance of Certificates.
  17. Legal separation and divorce.
  18. Partition of property
  19. Voluntary emancipation.
  20. Transfer of property belonging to minors.
  21. Solemn inventory.

We guarantee an efficient and cost-effective service delivered with integrity and according to the highest standards of the legal profession.