The Firm

A legacy that endures

K&M Abogados, S.A. is a family law firm founded on solid Christian principles. The firm was incorporated in 2009, at a moment of great political and economic uncertainty in Honduras. Despite all the challenges faced in this land, by the grace of God we have prevailed and prosper in a difficult environment where so many others have failed.

We are not a big law firm, nor do we seek to become one. On the contrary, we work every day, consistently, to build be a great law practice. We offer our clients specialized, in depth, direct and honest legal advice. We are a highly specialized law firm that makes a positive impact in the business of our clients, many of whom have worked with us for many years.

We sincerely hope that, regardless of your nationality or type of business, you will decide to join the selected few national and foreign companies, big and small, that have discovered the great advantages of working with a firm with highly specialized professionals, with extensive experience in their respective fields of practice that are more than able to tailor legal solutions according to your needs.