K&M Abogados is a regular advisor for corporations, regional banks and credit unions operating in Honduras and the Central American region. Among our recurring clients we find Bac Credomatic, Inc.; Lafise Bank, Inc.; Central American Bank for Economic Integration Credit Union, Ltd. (CACE-BCIE); Lafise Insurance, Inc. y AIG Insurance, Inc., among others.

Our experience in this field includes the following transactions:

  • Secure Credit operations.
  • Constitution and modification of Bank Trusts.
  • Mergers and splits of public and private Trusts.
    Drafting and execution of payment contracts.
  • Advisory in issues of corporate governance and regulatory compliance.
  • Subordinated debt emissions for regional banks.
  • Capitalization and issuance of bonds.
  • Structure of syndicated loans.
  • Execution of bank guarantees.
  • Advisory and negotiation of long-term contracts.
  • Drafting and review of civil and banking contracts.
  • Representation in insurance claims or claims against financial institutions.
  • Global asset transfers.
  • Notarization and registration of board of directors and board of governor’s agreements.
  • Other similar operations.

At K&M Abogados we are truly committed to be the legal firm of choice for companies operating in the banking and insurance sector, as well as for private companies or individuals seeking representation with regards to claims in this area.

We consistently provide advise that adds value for our clients, we seek to deliver consistent results and to advance the plans and interests of our customers in an ethical, timely and legal manner.

Other relevant experience in this field are the following transactions:

  • Advisory in the merger of Government Trust from the Property Institute.
  • Advisory in the negotiation and drafting of a syndicated loan contract.
  • Restructure plan of a US$20.0 million Trust Fund.
  • Debt restructure for investors in a US$1.3 million real estate transaction.
  • General advisory in the execution of bank guarantees.
  • Drafting of an Administration Trust for US$ 7.0 millions for international cooperation in Honduras.
  • Response to claims before the National Insurance and Banking Commission.
  • Structure of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) to channel international cooperation for Honduran public hospitals.
  • Representation of financial institutions before the National Banking and Insurance Commission.
  • Legal representation in claim against insurance group for nonpayment of insurance policy resulting from an aviation accident.
  • Settlement of damages claims resulting of car accident involving the CEO of financial group.

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