Why should you work with us?

K&M Abogados, S.A. is a fully integrated law firm with an emphasis in client service and quality. Unlike other firms, all our partners are renowned professionals, fluent in multiple languages, graduated from top universities in Honduras and abroad such as Harvard Law School, Loyola University, Toulouse University and the Tecnólogico de Monterrey.

We guarantee our clients close partner supervision on all the issues entrusted to the firm and we do not automatically assign work to newly admitted attorneys. We also take matter supervision very seriously to avoid unnecessary delays and to advance our client’s interest as fast and efficiently as possible.

It must be stated that our firm seeks to build a long-term relationships with its clients and therefore, we do not look at matters from an economic or income perspective only.

Finally, but most importantly, we are honest lawyers. We clearly explain to each and every client the nature and complexity of their legal situation without embellishment or exaggeration and we provide, to the best of our ability, what we consider the best legal advise and explain, in detail, the legal procedure required to obtain the desired outcome our client seeks.