The law of contracts and torts in Civil Law countries differs greatly from the regulation in Common Law countries.

The adequate drafting of a contract helps avoid conflicts and controversies, it provides the contracting parties with certainty and security in their commercial relationships and allows them to regulate all material terms and conditions of their obligations, such as the form of dispute resolution, payment requirements, the quality and form of completion, among other things.

The success of any contract or civil action rests on the hands of capable professionals, with the knowledge and technical skills to draft legal claims, structure a defense, prepare the elements of proof and a legal strategy.

Our firm has first class professionals, professors of law with decades of experience in contracts, obligations, and torts, as well as litigators with ample experience in legal representation. Some of our relevant experience includes:

  • Legal advisory before a Colorado State Court in the USA involving a wrongful death claim from an air crash accident.
  • Damages claim against the State of Honduras for unlawful expropriation of private property.
  • Damages claim against the State of Honduras for medical malpractice in a public hospital.
  • Drafting of long-term commercial lease contracts.
  • Negotiation and drafting of out of court agreements for settlement of dispute between an international jewelry company and its Honduran distributor.
  • Drafting of Trust contracts for banking corporations.
  • Cession of assets of a Honduran Cooperative.
  • Drafting of supply contracts and distribution contracts.
  • Drafting of an out of court agreement contract for breach of contract involving an international NGO.
  • Negotiation and drafting of out of court agreement in case involving medical malpractice.

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