Regulatory frameworks are in constant evolution in Honduras and around the globe. As a result, new and harsher penalties, both criminal and administrative, are imposed on companies and individuals who are non-compliant with local and international laws and regulations for the prevention of money laundry, tax evasion, terrorism, and organized crime.

At K&M Abogados we take compliance very seriously. As a matter of fact, no other law firm in Honduras has certified experts in Antimoney Laudry (ACAMS), FATCA and Anticorruption Practices.

As a result, we design compliance manuals, regulations and provide regular advise to companies from the following sectors:

  • Financial institutions.
  • Energy Companies.
  • Infrastructure Corporations.
  • Real Estate Companies.
  • Public procurement .
  • IT Companies.

Our work on this field lessens the impact of complex regulatory regimes on national and foreign corporations.

Some of our experience in this field includes:

  • Advisory to a regional IT company because of sanctions imposed by an international development bank for corrupt practices.
  • Drafting of compliance manuals for the Central American Bank Employees’ Credit Union (CACE BCIE).
  • Drafting of Code of Ethics for an International Development Bank.
  • Regulatory Compliance before the National Banking and Insurance Commission for a commercial lease company.