Civil Law

In most codified systems, Civil Law derives from Roman Law. This is without a doubt one of the most extensive and complex areas of law practice in existence today.

K&M Abogados’ Civil Law Group has over 24 years of excellence in the practice of Civil Law, representing clients in a wide array of issues such as estate planning, consumer protection, family law, adoption law, contracts and obligations, tort law and professional responsibility claims.

The Firm has represented individuals and companies alike in courtrooms throughout the country and has earned the respect of practitioners, judges and magistrates for the skill and clarity of its writings and courtroom argumentations.

Some representative transactions in this area include:

  • We recently advised on a US$250.0 million contract breach against three major international airlines.
  • Our group issued a legal opinion on a US$4.0 million contractual breach of a 25 year contract.
  • We successfully represented a multinational investment bank on three separate civil torts claims totaling US$134.0 million.
  • K&M Abogados successfully represented a doctor on a US$1.0 million claim for alleged malpractice.
  • K&M Abogados successfully represented a private Hospital on a US$3.0 million claim for alleged malpractice of two of its doctors.
  • The group has represented several parties in divorce claims and adoption proceedings.
  • We represented a buyer of real estate in a US$25.0 thousand undue payment claim.
  • We have drafted last wills and testaments for some of the most well-know public figures in the country.



Good corporate counsel requires far more than generalized knowledge of business and the law.

K&M Abogados’ Corporate & Commercial Law Practice is comprised of renowned experts in the field, educated in Ivy League Universities in the United States and Europe such as Harvard Law School, Loyola University and Toulouse University Business School.

Our team of experts has pioneered over the years innovative approaches to address our clients’ immediate goals and long term objectives, and has provided business and legal counsel focusing on industry specifics and our clients’ unique needs.

What we have accomplished:

  • Our group has served as counsel to the Board of Governors of COALIANZA, which is Honduras’ Public and Private Project Office in charge analyzing investment opportunities in the country.
  • We drafted our first US$7.0 million dollar trust contract to channel international cooperation for a Honduran Public Hospital to guarantee the adequate administration and oversight of funds.
  • Our corporate attorneys also advise on the entire spectrum of financial restructuring and equity financing for public companies, as well as for private and other closely held businesses.
  • We represent several families on a complex insurance claim against a well-known financial institution that denied the payment of insurance policies to the families of passengers deceased in a 2014 an air crash accident.
  • K&M Abogados has a wide experience in complex litigation and shareholder dispute cases. We recently advised on a US$.15.0 million dollar shareholder dispute of a closely held LLC mining company.
  • We have structured an ingenious solution and provided efficient tax planning for a real estate company located in the Bay Islands in a US$5.6 million dollar transaction.
  • The Firm provides regulatory compliance work in the areas of Money Laundry before National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS) and advices on other regulatory and public disclosure matters.
  • K&M Abogados takes an active part in the drafting, analysis, interpretation and negotiation of all kinds of business agreements, advising the parties on their terms and conditions, having regard to their legal nature.
  • We structured a US$500.0 thousand dollars Honduran Holding of Switzerland’s largest cooperative.
  • We have drafted regulations for shareholders’ meetings, boards of directors and board committees.
  • The Firm drafted the code of conduct and ethics for a multinational development bank.

In addition, K&M Abogados does transactional work such as:

  • NGO constitution.
  • Incorporation and Registration of Private Corporations (Inc., LLCs, LLPs).
  • Capital Increases.
  • Drafting and amendment of Corporate Bylaws.
  • Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring.
  • Due diligence for commercial transactions.
  • General Advisory for national and international companies.
  • Structure of Secure Transactions.
  • Drafting of compliance codes.