Online Consultations

Online Consultations

If you wish, please provide further details relating to your consultation and send us the attachments you consider necessary.

Please note that the documents you may provide will be treated as confidential. However, this does not establish a client-attorney relationship, nor does it imply acceptance of representation by our firm, attorneys, or staff, nor responsibility of any sort.

Initial consultation is set for a maximum of 30 minutes. It has a cost of US$103.50 (including taxes).

Any consultation exceeding 30 minutes is billed in 15 minutes increments at a cost of US$51.75 (including taxes).

Hourly rate is set at US$207.00 (including taxes).

The appointment must be fully paid prior to the in person or virtual meeting. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please let us know at least four hours before the time and date set. In this case, please write to us at or let us know via WhatsApp message to +504 9583-1902.

No refunds will be made for cancelations that take place less than four hours to the programed meeting, nor in the case the potential client does not show up to the meeting.

If the attorney is unable to attend, he will communicate with you as soon as possible. In such case, you may request a full refund or reprogram the meeting at a time of your convenience.

The maximum amount of responsibility of our firm, our lawyers and staff is limited, and shall not exceed by any means, the amount paid by the potential client to schedule a meeting. When you make the payment, you agree irrevocably to these terms and conditions.

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After sent the form you will be automatically redirected to the page to send the payment through Paypal secure platform …you will be able tu use any credit or debit card, it si not request a Paypal account if you have not one.